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  • R. S. Lachrymose

Intertwined (Rectory III)

Before the Priestess, towering over her, I beheld what all the signs had been pointing to: a goddess, part snake, part woman: Lamia. A sleek, black snake's body appeared to be devouring the lower half of a woman befitting the title of goddess, none better. The snake's tail was remarkably smooth, punctuated only by what appeared to be a ridge of large thorns on top, though rounded at their tip. Her body was voluptuous, glistening with droplets, as though she passed through s veil of mist. Remarkably, four arms protruded from her torso. On the bicep of each arm, she displayed beautifully intricate wrought iron cuffs of the deepest black. Lips of dangerous crimson were gently parted, a forked tongue slipped through to taste those lips. Locks, tumbling over her neck and chest, were split by horns protruding from her forehead. Breathing deep, she relished this world she'd been summoned to. Numerous hands moved across her chest and torso up to her head, the toying with her imposing horns, taking in the physical sensation.

Light from a full moon illuminated the pair. It began tenderly, with the tail of the snake sliding to the back of the Priestess. She quivered with such fervor I could feel it in my own spine. Her back arched, displaying the fullness and beauty of her curves. Her body now laid bare before her deity. No, not deity, at least not only deity. Lover, lover in the most raw use of that blessed word. Can lover mean what I witnessed? Can a word encompass the throes of tempestuous lust while, at the same time, convey a soft touch with a lifetime of memory behind it?

The Priestess, near convulsions at the anticipated pleasure, loosed a moan from luxurious lips, glistening with want. And not in vain, for Lamia’s tail now curled around her side to her waist. Slick with an ooze similar to the Succubus’ tentacles, it removed all resistance, save that which would bring most pleasure. The tail climbed to the Priestess’ breasts, wrapping around each in turn. The viscous substance made holding on to them a futile task; they slid from the tail as it looped around them and bounced gently back down, now gleaming with lubricant. Before her breast would be squeezed free, the tail would tantalize her nipple, twirling and flicking at the very end.

The Priestess gasped, struggling to catch her breath amidst Lamia’s exploration of her chest. Fully embracing this hedonism, her hand glided down between her legs, sliding an exploratory finger between her folds. Tracing circles, their rhythm began to sync. The Priestess exploring her womanhood, Lamia encircling her breasts with her tail, each arching their back like a well practiced dance. Candlelight behind them created a fiery rim of light on their bodies, yet leaving most in forbidden, wanting shadow.

Lamia brought her tail further down, now replacing the Priestess’ finger in between her legs. Matching the circles the Priestess had discovered on her own body, the tail twirled before entering an excruciatingly small amount and retreating. Sweat and wax intermingling on the Priestess’ face, she looked up to Lamia’s face, towering over her. Her eyes pleaded silently, her lust reaching a crescendo of longing and pain in a single word that held a universe of desire and vulnerability: “Please…”

The large thorns on Lamia’s tail suddenly became clear, they were for pleasure. They began small and increased in size as they progressed further up the tail. Lamia slithered the length of her tail between the Priestess’ legs, bringing the phallic thorn between her folds. She paused just a moment before sliding to the next largest. Each thorn offering a small amount of resistance as the tip slid through the entrance to her valley. Finally, when a substantial, girthy thorn paused just between her folds, the Priestess sighed; “Yes.”

Lamia brought her tail up, slowly, stretching the folds of her lover over the rounded thorn as it entered her and the Priestess entered a nirvana of pleasure. The thorn disappeared inside her as she cried out in desperate ecstasy. Yet the tail kept rising now above the ground, with the Priestess mounted on top. Lamia brought the Priestess to herself, suspended and riding atop her pleasurable tail. As she approached, Lamia extended her fingers under the Priestess’ chin and guided it toward her face. Her other pair of hands now gently caressing her own breasts. Lamia brought her lips to hers and began with an exploratory kiss, a thin thread of saliva connecting their lips at a brief parting. Lamia’s first pair of hands cupped the Priestess’s face and greedily pulled her close with ravenous hunger. The other pair of hands pulled her body close, so their breasts now met and pressed together. Each chest seemingly coated in a clear oil, they slipped and slid across each other, breasts and nipples desperately trying to stay connected, yet slipping away from the oil, like magnets of opposite polarity.

Lips glided, pressed, and parted as wet tongues found one another. The Priestess’ small and testing, Lamia’s direct, forceful, and forked. The Priestess would use the momentary gaps of their embrace to gasp for breath amongst the storm of pleasure lapping against her body. The pale skin of her face flushed as the goddess expertly exerted dominion over her body.

They entered the next phase of their erotic dance together. The Priestess grabbed hold of the large horns on Lamia’s head and started to pull herself higher. Lamia responded by raising her tail and bringing the Priestess’ hips to her mouth; her valley still occupied with the enormous thorn. The Priestess bucked and rocked against the tail and its girth within her, holding on to the horns for stability. Lamia brought her long, forked tongue to the outside of her valley and began to lap generously, occasionally glancing upward to admire her effect on her lover. She savored her taste, searched as deep as she could, as though treasure unheard of, even for a goddess, lay within.

Strong though she was, finally the Priestess gave in to the divine pleasure. Her body arched and rocked like a serpent in seductive fluid motion. The entirety of her being consumed in lust that made every moment of ritualistic pain pale in comparison. Any semblance of modesty now burned to ash like her garb, she exploded in moans that shook me to my core and brought wetness between my own legs.

Lamia brought her tail, and the Priestess, lower. They shared an embrace no longer laced with carnal need, but one of deep satisfaction and serenity with their partner. Hands tenderly searched voluminous locks of hair. Shining eyes locked just moments away from each other. The two almost appearing to become one. Even the room seemed to respond to this moment, the candles flickering like a great wind was sweeping through and an unnatural fog filled drifted in. The flickering intensified and snuffed the light from the modest candles.

Just before all went dark, the great, depthless eyes of Lamia darted right toward me in my voyeur’s position. I froze with fear as the pair disappeared, along with all sound of their moaning and pleasure-making. I praised this moment of respite, as their dance had left me exhausted, as though I too partook. Suddenly, a new pair of glowing eyes opened, transfixed upon mine.

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